Slowly they wind athwart the wild,
And while young Day his anthem swells,
Sad falls upon my yearning ear
the tinkling of the Camel-bells

Wend now thy way with brow serene,
Fear not thy humble tale to tell:-
The whispers of the Desert-wind;
The tinkling of the camel's bell.

The Kasidah, by Sir Richard Burton

"We are many travelers in a land that has limited water resources, and the distance and direction to the next oasis are not well known. However, the camel knows the way and will guide us. By storing water when and where it is available, the camel is an appropriate symbol for a world in which the incessant increase in demand for water is challenging our ability to meet this demand."

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Aquifer Storage Recovery
By David Pyne
This is the only book published on aquifer storage recovery (ASR), a cost-effective water storage technology that has evolved rapidly during the past 25 years and is now being applied throughout the world.
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